Here are some helpful links to other Masonic sites filled with interesting information on Masonry which you may enjoy reading.

Grand Lodge of Montana - The Masonic Grand Lodge of Montana is located in Helena, Montana. You can link here to see a list of other Masonic Lodges in the State, as well as contact information for them.
Grand Lodge

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - The Scottish Rite is one of 2 branches of Masonry after Blue Lodge that offer higher degrees delving into the more arcane and ancient teachings of the Craft. Membership is open to all Blue Lodge Masons.
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

York Rite of Masonry - The York Rite is the other branch of Masonry offering higher degrees in the Craft. It's focus is Christian oriented, and membership is open to any Blue Lodge Mason from the Christian faith.
Masonic York Rite

Shrine - Best known for its philanthropic work with crippled children and burn victims, as well as circuses, parades and clowns; it is the most visible and well known of all the Masonic Charities. Membership is open to all Blue Lodge Masons
Shriners and Shriners Hospitals

The Grotto - also known as the alternative Shrine, our Grotto brothers gather for mirth and frivolity while engaging in numerous charitable activities from working with Special Olympics to Jerry's Kids, just to name a few. Membership is open to all Master Masons with very affordable membership fees.

The Philaethes Society
- engages in Masonic research into the history of the Craft.
The Philalethes Society

The Masonic Service Association - provides additional online information about Masonry, Anti-Masonic propaganda, and some of our Blue Lodge charitable activities.
Masonic Service Association

Anti-MasonryPoints of View - provides a reasoned, balanced and factual response to Masonic critics. Effectively cuts through the hysterics, hype and paranoia promoted by many anti-masons in the attempt to advance their own self-serving agenda.
Anti-Masonry Points of View

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